A Photovoice Project

The Cultural and Visual Context of Healthy Body Weight and Body Image among Aboriginal Women in the Battlefords Tribal Council Region is funded by the Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR). Obesity and its associated health risks have been identified as areas of concern for First Nations women. Little is known about the visual, gendered, historical and cultural meanings or experiences of healthy body weight and healthy body image for Aboriginal women. The goal of this research is to identify, analyze and disseminate local knowledge about the cultural and visual contexts of healthy body weight and healthy body image from the perspective of First Nations women in the region.

What is Photovoice?

"Photovoice is a participatory action research strategy using photography as a tool of social change. The process turns the camera lens toward the eyes and experiences of vulnerable populations and gives people the opportunity to record, reflect and critique personal and community issues in creative ways." - Photovoice.ca


Photovoice methodology helps to make visible the world views and perspectives of underprivileged groups through the use of participant’s photography and in-depth interviews surrounding these images.

This helps to assess and understand the needs of these individuals and their communities and seeks to unlock the barriers that are situated between individuals/communities and institutions.

Our Goal

This project uses photovoice to enable Aboriginal women to use their own photography to:

  • make visible their personal and community strengths and concerns;
  • promote collective dialogue and sharing knowledge;
  • and to reach health policy makers